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Female Hair Loss Treatment

Searching on Goggle for “Natural treatments for hair loss” will yield a comprehensive number of supplements, tonics, and creams.

Although there hasn’t been much research on natural remedies for loss of hair, there are a few which can be useful for keeping your tresses over time if they are falling out.

There may be more hair on your hairbrush for a number of reasons. For example, the menopause, thyroid issues, and deficiencies in vitamins can all cause loss of hair.

If your hair loss is a symptom of a primary medical condition, the latter will need to be treated first before the hair loss decreases.

Some nutrients that might be of benefit in dealing with hair loss are as follows:


If you are anemic or deficient in iron, hair loss can result. The recommendation from the Cleveland Clinic is that iron supplements should only be used if it is established that you actually have iron deficiency anemia.

Biotin and Zinc

People with metabolic disorders often have brittle nails and thin hair which can be the result of a deficiency in biotin and/or zinc.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is sometimes proposed as a method to stimulate hair growth but according to the National Institutes of Health, the research evidence to support this claim is scarce.

Supplements and Other Medications

The decision to take supplements for hair loss should be discussed with your physician who will alert you to any possible side effects and interactions with other prescribed medications.

Although you don’t need a prescription to take supplements, it is best practice to inform your doctor who needs to have comprehensive information about all your prescribed medication and supplements.

Some Suggestions for Dealing with Hair Loss

  • It is a good idea to color your scalp with products designed for this in order to disguise the hair loss.
  • Using hair extensions is a method of increasing volume.
  • A short haircut is a good idea so that your hair doesn’t look so thin.
  • As the crown is where hair loss commonly occurs, a side parting in your hair can be used to disguise this.
  • There are hair products available for increasing volume, which can be effective in giving the hair the appearance of being thicker.
  • Avoid physical and emotional stress, which can be a contributing factor in hair loss.

Remember that sometimes an increased amount of hair loss is completely normal, for example, following a pregnancy or while going through the menopause.

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Diabetes is a condition where a person experiences high blood sugar levels due to his struggles with producing adequate insulin in the body.

While the rates for men with diabetes decreased since the early 1970s because of modern medicine and awareness, the same cannot be said for women. This is due to several reasons.

Women do not receive the same level of treatment for risk factors that cause diabetes.

Diabetes is also sometimes harder to detect in women than in men. Here is information on common diabetes symptoms for women.

Yeast Infections

Women who might have diabetes could experience constant yeast infections.

Symptoms of a yeast infection include painful intercourse, soreness and redness near the vaginal area, and white vaginal discharge.

Not all cases of yeast infections are related to diabetes, but if this is happening frequently, you should get checked by a doctor.

Frequent Thirst

This is another common symptom of diabetes in women. When there is too much sugar in your bloodstream, your kidneys are not able to eliminate the sugar from the bloodstream effectively.

As a result more water leaves the bloodstream, and this leads to excess thirst.

Diabetics can combat this by drinking plenty of water.

Excess Urination

Have you wondered why you always have the urge to use the restroom in recent months?

Chances are that you could have diabetes. As explained earlier in the article, too much glucose in the bloodstream could cause urination to happen more than unusual.

Wounds That Don’t Seem to Heal

Another common symptom of diabetes in women is the presence of wounds that will not heal quickly or not heal at all.

One reason is because circulation is not the best in women with diabetes.

If this happens a lot for you and you’re experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms, then it is time to get tested for diabetes.

Sudden Weight Loss

This happens a lot with women who have type 1 diabetes.

It is a symptom that comes from the body’s inability to use up calories that were consumed during the day.

If you generally eat healthy and exercise but still lose too much weight, you should see the doctor.

Always Wanting to Eat

On the other hand, some diabetic women might experience the need to eat constantly.

This is especially true for those with type 2 diabetes. When you have this condition your insulin levels are high and since the insulin helps boost appetite, you become hungrier.

Sexual Problems

Diabetic women might sometimes experience sexual dysfunction. Diabetic neuropathy is the culprit behind this, and you lose feeling in various parts of your body.

Talk with your gynecologist about possible solutions to this problem so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life despite diabetes.

Blurry Vision

This is one of the earliest diabetes symptoms in women.

Diabetics get blurry vision because high glucose levels build up in the eye’s lens and if left unchecked for prolonged years, you could develop diabetes-related blindness.

How You Can Prevent Diabetes

Don’t let these symptoms creep up on you.

There are practical ways to reduce the risk of getting diabetes:

  • Visit the doctor regularly and have your blood sugar levels checked often.
  • Talk with your family to determine if there is a history of diabetes among relatives.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercise as much as possible.
  • Educate yourself by attending seminars on diabetes and reading books about the illness.
  • Drink plenty of water and reduce stress by meditating, talking to loved ones and journaling.
  • Get adequate hours of sleep at night.

But I Just Found Out I Have Diabetes. Now What?

  • Start by cutting back on the amount of carbs you eat each day, especially refined flour foods such as white bread and white pasta.
  • Stay away from the sugary soft drinks and processed fruit juices as these raise sugar levels.
  • Don’t eat foods with high levels of sodium after you find out you have diabetes.
  • Avoid large portioned meals and read ingredients on labels carefully.
  • Continue to exercise regularly and maintain a positive attitude.
  • In conclusion, diabetes is not a death sentence but if not managed properly, it could lead to death.

You should speak with your doctor often about changes in your body following the diagnosis.

If you’re the caregiver of someone with diabetes, learn all you can about diabetes management so that your loved one will be healthy long term.

Having diabetes also doesn’t mean that your diet suddenly becomes boring. There are delicious recipes online that are suited for diabetics, which are easy to make.

Tell yourself everyday that you are going to live a fulfilling life despite your condition, and surround yourself with supportive friends who will offer encouragement and compassion.

Most importantly, find things to be passionate about and use this as part of your new lifestyle after the diagnosis.

Best OTC Yeast Infection Treatment

9 Subtle Signs Of A Yeast Infection, Aside From All The Itching – Romper

Yeast infections are not fun, but unfortunately, most women experience one sooner or later. They can be both painful and unpleasant, but thankfully with the right treatment they can be over before you know it.

There are some subtle signs of a yeast infection you should keep an eye out for to make sure you’re ready to fight it.

Yeast infections can strike pretty much anyone — not just women. You might not realize it, but men can come down with them as well according to Healthline.

Even babies can get yeast infections, according to Baby Center. And they have a lot of different potential causes. Prevention noted that you might get a yeast infection from not changing your tampon often enough, from taking antibiotics, or from having sex with someone who has one (even though they aren’t actually considered a sexually transmitted infection).

Although plenty of home remedies are available to treat yeast infections, your best bet is to see a doctor to rule any other issues, according to Everyday Health. And luckily, yeast infections are fairly preventable.

One of the easiest ways to keep them away is to sleep without underwear once a week or so, according to Pop Sugar.

Here are nine symptoms to look out for if you think you might be developing a yeast infection.

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Vaginal Yeast Infection: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis


› Vaginal Health

Vaginal yeast infections cause irritation, itching, swelling, and discharge. Most women will get an infection at least once in their life.

Vaginal yeast infections, also known as candidiasis, are a common female condition. A healthy vagina has bacteria and some yeast cells. But when the balance of bacteria and yeast changes, the yeast cells can multiply. This causes intense itching, swelling, and irritation.

Treating a vaginal yeast infection can relieve symptoms within a few days. In more severe cases, it may take up to two weeks.

Vaginal yeast infections aren’t considered a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Sexual contact can spread it, but women who aren’t sexually active can also get them. Once you get a yeast infection, you’re also more likely to get another one.

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Benefits of Flaxseed

Man has used flax seeds for more than 6,000 years due to their numerous benefits. Some benefits of flax seeds include:

  • Lowering cholesterol in your body
  • Improving digestion
  • Reducing sugar cravings
  • Fighting cancer
  • Help in weight loss

Facts about flaxseeds

Flax seeds are small, brown seeds which contain the highest amount of plant based omega-3 fatty acids known as alpha-linolenic-acid (ALA).

These seeds also number 1 source of lignans in the diet of man. In fact, flax seeds contain about 7 times the content of lignans when compared to sesame seeds which are ranked second!

Flaxseed Nutritional Facts

Ideally, one ounce of flaxseed, which is equivalent to 3 tablespoons, contains:

  • 6,338g of omega-3(ALA)
  • 8g fiber
  • 6g protein
  • Manganese 35% RDA
  • Phosphorous 19% RDA
  • Vitamin B1 31% RDA
  • Magnesium 30% RDA
  • Selenium 10% RDA

Additionally, flaxseeds contain Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B6 and Iron.

These facts and nutrition profile shows why flaxseed is one of the most nutritional foods around the globe.

Benefits of flaxseed

Promotes healthy skin and hair

The omega-3 fats found in flaxseeds provides essential fats and B-vitamins needed in hair growth and reducing dryness and flakiness on your skin.

Weight loss

Ideally, flaxseeds contain enough fats and fiber and hence you will eat fewer calories as supplements and hence flaxseeds help in weight loss.

Also, these seeds may help reduce body inflammations.

Flaxseeds have high fiber but low carb content

Flax has high soluble and insoluble fiber, which aid in fat loss, detoxification of the colon and in reducing sugar cravings.

Have low cholesterol content

Flaxseeds’ soluble fibers trap fats and cholesterol in the digestive system inhibiting its absorption into the bloodstream.

Additionally, the fibers traps bile, which is a compound, made from cholesterol in the gallbladder along the alimentary canal.

Foods That Boost Metabolism

Foods That Boost Metabolism – The type of metabolism you possess is usually ruled in a large part by genetics, but by eating right you can make it work more efficiently as well.

By eating the nine foods listed below you can greatly increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

9 Foods That Boost Metabolism

1) Egg Whites

Aside from being loaded with protein and vitamin D, egg whites are also a good source of branch-chained amino acids that can keep your metabolism working efficiently.

2) Lean Meat

By eating lean, less fatty meat your metabolism will function properly. Eating three to four servings a day can do wonders for your health.

3) Water

Dehydration forces the body to slow down, so drinking water can keep everything moving. Drinking cold water is even better as it forces the body to use more calories to warm it up.

4) Chili Peppers

Filled with capsaicin, a substance that can kick start the metabolism, chili peppers are also a good source of vitamin C.

5) Coffee

You don’t need to consume a whole pot, but coffee drinkers often have a much higher metabolic rate than other people.

6) Green Tea

This type of tea is used for fat-burning and is also a natural diuretic, which means that it helps the body rid itself of excess fluids.

7) Milk

The calcium found in milk can help the body metabolize fat with greater efficiency.

8) Whole grains

This helps the metabolism as whole grains are harder to break down and take more effort, therefore forcing the metabolism to work harder.

9) Lentils

This food can help when the body is need of iron and can help to maximize the efficiency of the metabolism.


By learning what can affect your metabolic rate in a positive manner, you can plan your meals with greater confidence.


Calcium Coral Nutritional Supplement

Since your body can’t make minerals, you need to eat food rich in minerals especially Calcium mineral to avoid having deficiency symptoms.

Minerals play a vital role in transferring nerve impulses, bone formation, maintaining a normal heart beat among other functions.

Living coral ingests a lot of minerals from the ocean water and they are therefore sources of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.

Coral calcium is a mineral powder made from dead coral collected from the bottom of seas and oceans in semitropical islands.

Ideally, minerals are important in maintaining the proper acidic and alkaline balance in your body to facilitate uptake of other minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients from the food you eat.

An acidic pH affects absorption of nutrients in the body and other metabolism processes in the body. However, with a less acidic pH, your body can easily assimilate minerals.

The Gatekeeper

Coral minerals are referred to as ‘gatekeepers’ because they correct the alkaline/acidic imbalances in your body.

With an optimal range of acid/alkaline conditions, more nutrients become accessible while their uptake increases also.

With coral minerals, your body is able to maintain less acidic conditions and hence your body is able to get more nutrients from the food ingested.

Graviola Herb


  • What is Graviola? (with pictures) – wiseGEEK


    Graviola, also called Brazilian pawpaw, soursop, and guanaba, in addition to numerous other names, refers to a particular tree or its fruit. The fruit is green and heart shaped, and about six to eight inches (15.24-20.32 cm) in diameter. The tree is found in South America and on numerous tropical islands and grows best in rainforest climates.

    The pulp of the fruit is popular in juices, sherbets, and smoothies, and exhibits notes of tangy and sweet. It can also be peeled and eaten, though some find the taste alone too sour. As a fruit, graviola may not prove exceptional, but it certainly has an extended history of use in ancient and now modern herbal remedies.

    In early times, the leaves of this tree were used for tea to reduce swelling of the mucus membranes (catarrh) or to treat liver disease. The black seeds were often crushed and used as a vermifuge. All parts of the tree might be ground and used as a sedative or as an anti-convulsant. The fruit was used to reduce joint pain, to treat heart conditions, as a sedative, to induce labor, or to reduce coughing or flu symptoms.

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Pure Graviola Supplement 650mg (100 Count) ★ Soursop (Annona muricata) ★ Each capsule contains 650 mg of pure graviola powder sourced from graviola leaves.

★ BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM – Graviola (also known as soursop) contains various vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and vitamin C and can help strengthen the immune system. Also helps in resilience against common colds and infections.


Graviola Fruit consists of pure graviola extract, and the jar is also filled with different kinds of vitamins and potassium while keeping carbohydrates and calories to the bare minimum. In addition, you don’t need to take a lot of Graviola Fruit daily to experience the benefits. graviola extract

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Graviola Pulp is a gift from nature for us to enhance immunity. The white pulpy portion of the fruit is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin B1, B2, C, potassium and carries a very low amount of cholesterol and sodium.

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Blood Sugar High in the Morning

Why Is My Blood Glucose So High in the Morning?: Diabetes Forecast®


My morning fasting blood sugar is always the highest of the day—between 120 and 140 mg/dl. The rest of the day it is in the normal range. Why does this occur?

Christy Parkin, MSN, RN, CDE, responds:

In the early morning hours, hormonal changes in your body will naturally cause blood glucose to rise. For people who don’t have diabetes, the increase in blood glucose is offset by increased insulin production. For people with diabetes, this can be a problem.

There are a couple of things going on that make your glucose rise in the morning. One of these is insulin resistance—a condition that means your body’s muscle and fat cells are unable to use insulin effectively to lower blood glucose. However, insulin resistance also affects how your liver processes, stores, and releases sugar, particularly at night. The liver is supposed to release small amounts of glucose when you’re not eating. But in type 2 diabetes, the liver dumps more glucose than is needed into the bloodstream, especially at night. So, while your hormones are causing a natural rise in blood glucose, your liver is releasing even more sugar into your system. And because your insulin resistance prevents your muscle and fat cells from using the sugar, your blood glucose level rises.

Unlike mealtime blood glucose, which can be somewhat controlled by diet and exercise, high fasting blood glucose usually needs to be treated with medication. You should talk to your doctor about medications that can help you obtain good control.

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Muscles ‘taste’ their way towards regulating blood sugar levels: Mice study – FoodNavigator.com

Muscles ‘taste’ their way towards regulating blood sugar levels: Mice studyFoodNavigator.com… taste sugar, too,” said senior study author Dr Jiandie Lin, a faculty member at University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute. Raised blood glucose levels post-meal is the main symptom of T2DM. Elevated high blood sugar levels long-term …



Candida Acne

Do I need to worry about Candida? Will it cause acne?

Is there anything that we can do about it?

Candida and Acne

There is a Candida epidemic is more hype than fact. This does not mean that it does not cause skin problem. There are some reasons to think that Candida can lead to problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, as well as atopic dermatitis.

Studies have been done on people with Candida with skin conditions and people with healthy skin. The overall results are that Candida in the mouth more often affects people with skin conditions.

There are two main ways that Candida causes skin troubles:

Leaky Gut

There is a link between the guy health and skin health. An overgrowth of Candida can cause gut problem.

Candida can lead to additional issues with inflammatory bowel syndrome. It may disrupt the balance of bacteria that is found in the gut.

People that have skin conditions are found to have an increased level of Candida in their blood. It may lead to chronic inflammation.

Overreactions by the Immune System

Candida can lead to acne so be sure to talk to a doctor. There are some simple yet reliable tests for diagnosing this condition. A doctor may even be able to diagnose it visually but the lab tests are more liable.

Lally Natural’s Candida Cleanse is one of the best cleanses according to customers.

Saw Palmetto and Acne

Saw Palmetto – An Excellent Acne Plant (For Some)


Saw palmetto is a health supplement that is the extract of the fruit from the serenoa repens plant. This is a hardy bush that grows naturally in certain states in the southern USA, particularly the ones that have warm climates.

It has long been regarded as a rather special plant; the plant itself is extremely tough and can survive for an estimated 500 years, and at some point humans learnt how to obtain an extract from it.

The Native Americans, who were kings of natural medicine, made use of saw palmetto for treating reproductive problems. A medical practitioner by the name of H. W. Felter claimed that it was useful as a nerve sedative.

Saw palmetto has a long history of being used for all sorts of ailments and the latest on the list is acne. Saw palmetto has gained a reputation in recent years for curing oily skin and sharply reducing the overall amount of pimples.

The acne-sphere is full of testimonials and former acne patients are labelling it as a miracle supplement. Some claim it to be just as amazing for acne as vitamin A, the second best acne vitamin ever.

Is this hype or is there science behind this herb?

The answer is that saw palmetto can be a very effective supplement for acne, but it should only be used by women.

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Saw Palmetto (Really!) Works for Hormonal Acne in Women | Nature’s …


Saw Palmetto is a wonderful herb that has shown from many testimonials its effectiveness to treat and prevent the occurrence of hormonal acne.

Everybody, male and female, has both male and female sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone (as well as others) in their bodies. Men usually have more male sex hormones, and women usually have more female sex hormones.

Sometimes an imbalance can occur for various reasons, and the body produces an excess of the opposite sex hormones, or the body doesn’t produce enough of the right sex hormones.

This article focuses on women whose bodies are producing excess testosterone.

Signs that this is occurring are common symptoms such as: frequent acne outbreaks (at any age) that usually occur around the chin, sides of the face, and hairline; excess hair growth (and thicker hairs in parts of the body other than the scalp and the pubic region) and moderately thick hair growing in places it normally shouldn’t in women (such as the chin, stomach, chest, etc.); and irregular periods, to name a few.

The role that this plays in acne specifically is that testosterone actually turns into dihydrotestosterone (a more potent or powerful male sex hormone) in the body, which is responsible for sebum (oil) production in oil glands.

If you have an excess amount of these hormones, then you’ll have oilier skin. This oil production, no matter how clean you keep your face, will still clog the pores from the inside, before it even has a chance to surface due to the amount of oil being produced, and create pimples.

Saw Palmetto is an herb which decreases the amount of testosterone in the body, and reduces the occurrence of testosterone becoming dihydrotestosterone.

I have read many success stories from women using this treatment. I myself have been using it for acne for a few (about 4) weeks now, and I must say I have seen pretty dramatic results. I was breaking out with new pimples almost every day!

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